Satellite Image Analysis

Simularity’s AIADS Disrupts Traditional Satellite Image Change Detection

The geo-spatial industry has always had an interest in making sense of our world, particularly from space. Public and private organizations have been trying for years to use technology in order to wade through the immense volume of satellite image data, in order to discover insight into what is happening to our planet.

satellite ground receiving station can download images for ai anomaly detection in real time

For the last several years, tools have appeared which use algorithms such as “image subtraction” to identify changes on the ground. Over time, these unsophisticated tools have not been able to keep up with several trends which have changed the image analysis environment:

  • the growing need to spot “abnormal” or “unusual” changes, vs normal change
  • a massive increase in volume of data, due to rapid advances in satellite image resolution quality, frequency (cadence) of image supply, and an explosion in numbers of satellites including numerous smallsat/cubesat constellations
  • growing demands on image analysts to identify, prioritize, and take action on newly discovered anomalies

Our latest product, Simularity Automated Image Anomaly Detection System (AIADS) leverages our deep experience in AI and competence in analyzing immense volumes of data. It applies our analytic engine to satellite imagery, resulting in rapid awareness of critical anomalies on the ground.

There is a wide range of anomalies our AI can detect, and the list is growing daily as we ingest different sets of images from different providers into our platform. Here’s a list of just some of the anomalies AI-ADS can detect, at any resolution:

Municipal Areas of Interest

  • Unusual patterns in building construction: new roofs, demolished buildings, new buildings, new walls
  • Non-building anomalies: interesting changes in roads, recently cleared land, abnormal digging activity, unnatural movement of large volumes of soil

example image of property development detection as anomaly

National Security and Defense

  • Strange vehicle behaviour
  • Abnormal border activity
  • Appearance and disappearance of naval vessels where normally there is little activity or movement
  • Clandestine remote or near-urban unexpected construction as indicators of terrorist or criminal activity
possible illegal jungle clearing in columbia
Possible illegal jungle clearing in columbia – before
Possible illegal jungle clearing in columbia – after

Additional security and defense related images are available on request.

Environmental Use Cases

  • smoke/fire
  • flooding
  • spills
  • damage due to earthquakes and other disasters

Examples of spills and fires are available on request.

Being able to monitor abnormal behaviour, by rapid and accurate identification of anomalies, allows analysts to focus on the issues that matter most, and the list of benefits is significant:

  • The benefit to Municipal governments is tremendous, as it allows for improved compliance to regulations resulting in a more satisfied public and increased tax revenues due to unpermitted construction.
  • National Security can be improved, by allowing the security forces to mobilize in time to take effective action, reducing the risk of harmful or unsafe situations and preventing more serious and illegal incidents before they progress further.
  • Environmental damage can be minimized with near-real time monitoring of accidents – both natural and man-made

Simularity has been active in several regions of the world, and this includes the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where there has been a high interest in our satellite image analysis technology. 

If you are interested in discovering how AIADS can help your organization, then contact us today for a private no-obligation consultation.